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About Yellow Diamond Brain Cancer Foundation

Our Name…

Why yellow?

When looking at the colour yellow, it produces a warming effect and stimulates mental activity. Yellow represents clarity, a very important aspect to a healthy mind and brain. It brightens your day, delivers happiness and arouses cheerfulness, making it the perfect choice of colour to represent what The Yellow Diamond Brain Cancer Foundation aims to achieve.

When combining the yellow with a diamond, it immediately gives a deeper meaning, symbolising love, commitment and timelessness, renewal and hope, all of which The Yellow Diamond Brain Cancer Foundation aims to bring to as many Brain Cancer sufferers as possible.

Our Logo: The three characters represent not only individuals and the family unit, but the team approach of bringing together the right group of individuals whether they are Medical, Corporate or supporters, all with the same aim of Finding the Solutions for brain cancer.

Our Positioning Line: “Finding the solutions” – This has many applications from finding the right medical researchers, equipment, corporate partners, supporters and individuals as each and every one become part of the solution in helping achieve our objectives.

Why was the Yellow Diamond Brain Cancer Foundation started?

The Yellow Diamond Brain Cancer Foundation is the vision of a brain cancer survivor, Vince Agostino.

The Yellow Diamond Brain Cancer Foundation vision came about following Vince’s successful battle with Brain Cancer in 2004, and after many months of development and research, it became a reality with the successful launch of the charity in June 2013.

Vince saw that there was a gap between the needs of those suffering from brain cancer and the lack of research and what support was currently available, so decided to join forces and create a group who would volunteer their time to help make a difference.

The Yellow Diamond Brain Cancer Foundation hopes to make inroads in Brain Cancer research and turn Australia into a world leader in this area.