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Get Involved

How can I be involved?

We at the foundation would welcome you to become involved in the Yellow Diamond Foundation from joining with us as a: Cause Related Marketing Sponsor

What is a Cause Related Marketing Sponsor?

When your company has a product, image or service to market, you can build a relationship or partnership with a cause or not for profit organisation for mutual benefit.

We at YDF would welcome the opportunity to work with you and your team to create a tailored Cause Related marketing sponsorship which can assist in building your brand in the following ways:

  1. To Generate positive PR and publicity
  2. To Build trust, awareness and added value to your brand
  3. To Help Differentiate your Company from your competitors
  4. To Enhance your brand to connect more strongly with your target market
  5. To Help Develop a unique selling proposition

By joining a cause like The Yellow Diamond Foundation, it can give your company improved customer perceptions and enhance purchase intentions.

An effective Cause Related Marketing sponsorship campaign can cut through the clutter in the marketplace and add desirable new values, leading to an increase in loyalty and importantly, influence consumer purchasing decisions.

Experience has shown customers like that they are doing a good deed without extra effort and supporting a joint Yellow Diamond Foundation campaign can assist in further developing a positive community profile and emotional connection with your consumers, whilst providing much needed funding to further help us in finding the solutions for Brain Cancer and deliver to those in need.