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The Research Centre

The Yellow Diamond Foundation will donate funds to a brain tumour research laboratory established at the Kolling Institute, part of Sydney’s Royal North Short hospital. Unlike many other laboratories, this facility is focused on “translational medicine”. Physicians working directly with patients meet regularly with the laboratory scientists to discuss projects and outcomes and design new clinical trials.

Over the past few years there has been an explosion in knowledge, but no new drug been released for patient management for 15 years. Clearly brain tumour therapeutics severely lags behind other tumours, and up until now has been placed in the “too hard basket” by both laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry. This has been recognised internationally and after the project to identify all the genes in normal humans (this project took 13 years and cost $3.8 billion); scientists decided the 1st tumour they would subject to this in depth analysis was high grade brain tumours, publishing their results at the end of 2008. This information is invaluable for ongoing research projects, but we are still battling at the bedside to make the big breakthroughs needed to change the outcome for people suffering from this disease.

This will only come from studying real patients, implementing clinical trials, and a lot of hard work from a team of people starting from the generous patients who are always willing to put their hand up for research projects, their carers who are willing to bring them in for all these extra visits, and the dedicated trial nurses, clinicians, surgeons and scientists.

Funding for the lab for over 8 years has been largely derived from the Brain Cancer Group (Formerly known as the Sydney Neuro Oncology Group – SNOG). The centre currently supports three full time researchers.

Current laboratory projects – Cerebral Tumor Research Group, Bill Walsh Cancer Research Laboratory, Kolling Institute of Medical Research. But more funds are desperately needed to take the research to the next level.

Our Medical Team has identified 3 major objectives to ensure that funding can be directed to the right resources needed in Finding the Solutions for Brain Cancer.

  1. To fund the manpower required for that research
  2. To fund the provision of equipment for that research
  3. To support brain cancer sufferers and their families


More funds are desperately
needed to take the research
to the next level.
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