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The Yellow Diamond Foundation Team



Vince Agostino – Chairman

Vince has been an active philanthropist for over 20 years. Participating in and hosting charity events on a regular basis, Vince is experienced when it comes to major charities those that have had benefit from Vince’s events include the National Breast Cancer Foundation, The McGrath Foundation and the Sir David Martin Foundation, to name a few.

In March of 2004, Vince was diagnosed with a brain tumor, a major shock to him and his family with no family history of the disease or any understanding. He underwent surgery within a matter of weeks. Vince knows firsthand the turmoil of having a brain tumor and that there aren’t enough funds to support more research, equipment and patient aid.

In 2012, The Yellow Diamond Foundation for Brain Cancer was formed to raise money for research and equipment and create a widespread awareness for brain cancer in the community.


Sam Campione – Deputy Chairman

Sam has been involved in a significant amount of meaningful charity ventures and this has inspired him so much that he has joined forces with a team and created The Yellow Diamond Foundation, a foundation involved with raising awareness of brain cancer and raising funds to find a cure.

During his life, Sam has met a number of clients and friends, such as Vince Agostino who have struggled with their own experiences with cancer, making it personally a cause close to his heart.

He believes with a strong, passionate community network we can succeed in finding solutions for brain cancer.


Norman Arena – Secretary/Treasurer

As The Yellow Diamond Foundation’s Secretary and Treasurer, Norman is responsible for the day to day running of the Foundation. A qualified accountant, Norman has a Bachelor of Business and a Masters in Commerce.

Norman has past experience with “not for profit” organisations from previous roles as Financial Controller. Norman has always operated in the past and in the future, on the basis of honesty, integrity and customer service.

Norman’s father passed away from brain cancer in 1970. At that time, there was no understanding or recognition of the disease. For this reason, he is enthusiastic about doing what it takes to help find the solutions for brain cancer.


Frank Mirabito – Director

Frank moved from Italy to Australia in 1964 and soon after opened his first business. Since that day, hard work and perseverance have ensured success for Frank and his businesses. He was elected to Strathfield Council in 1995 and served the community until 2000. During this time, Frank developed an understanding that community spirit is what makes Australia a better place. He began working with charities such as the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute and Camp Quality and sat on numerous fundraising committees. His passion for charity work has been admirable and he has been successful in hosting wonderful fundraising activities and raising awareness and funds for those in need. Frank brings a wealth of knowledge and gusto to The Yellow Diamond Foundation and is highly regarded in the local community.


Daniela Lagos – Director

Daniela has firsthand experience when it comes to brain cancer. Whilst in her final year of high school, her father was diagnosed with brain cancer. An important time in her life, she had to deal with the worry and uncertainty of her father’s future, along with ensuring her HSC exams were well prepared for. Her father’s tumor was successfully removed; however following that was a long period of recovery and rehabilitation, which put a strain on the family emotionally.

Since her father’s recovery, Daniela has volunteered her time and skills to manage and coordinate numerous charity events on behalf of different organisations, raising much needed funds and community awareness.



Kathy Klonis – Solicitor

Kathy Klonis runs a successful law firm in Sydney’s inner west and is the trusted advisor to The Yellow Diamond Foundation. Kathy has had numerous experiences within her network of people who have suffered from brain cancer and feels strongly about what The Yellow Diamond Foundation is doing.



Elizabeth Falanga – Director



Ellie Vaughan – Director



Anthony De Francesco – Committee Member